Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wynonna : B-Sides & More

I'm not a big country music fan but there are some artist in that genre I really like. Wynonna being tops on that list (along with Dolly). Country club mixes started to appear on the scene in 1999/2000 also that were pretty cool. Here is a collection of Wynonna's non-cd cuts. If you have any other rare or live Wynonna tracks please let me know!
Enjoy and leave comments and lots of love :)

1. Burnin’ Love 3:09
2. You Are 5:07
3. I’m Not In Love Yet w/Huey Lewis 4:28
4. You Were Loved 4:09
5. I Will Testify To Love 3:08
6. Woman To Woman 3:56
7. Freedom 4:30
8. Anyone Who Had A Heart w/Burt Bacharach 4:02
9. Tonight w/Kenny Loggins 4:23
10. Makin’ My Way (Anyway I Can) 5:24
11. Change The World (Revelations Live) 3:08
12. Only Love (Revelations Live) 3:48
13. I Saw The Light (Revelations Live) 4:07
14. Let It Be Me w/Bette Midler (Live) 3:38
15. The Rose w/Bette Midler (Live)
16. Healing w/ Michael English 3:58
17. A Bad Goodbye w/Clint Black 3:40
18. Stones Throw From Hurtin’ 4:33
19. No One Else On Earth (Country Club Mix) 4:05


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