Saturday, March 22, 2008

k. d. lang : rare cuts


1. Moonglow (Mtv unplugged w/Tony Bennett)

2. Constant Craving (Mtv Unplugged)

3. Help Me (Tribute To Joni Mitchell)

4. Johnny Get Angry (Live on SNL)

5. Damned Old Dog (Tame Yourself)

6. Keep The Faith (w/Tony Bennett)(Bennett Sings The Blues)

7. An Uncommon Love (w/ Carole King)(Love Makes The World)

8. Enough Is Enough (acoustic mix)

9. Fado Hilario (Red, Hot, & Lisbon)

10. Skylark (Midnight In The Garden Of Good & Evil Sdtk)

11. So In Love (Red, Hot & Blue)

12. Our Day Will Come (Shag Sdtk)

13. Love Affair (Twister Sdtk)

14. Teardrops (w/Elton John Two Rooms)

15. Anywhere But Here (Sdtk)

16. Calling All Angels (W/Jane Sieberry)(Pay It Forward Sdtk)

17. Enough Is Enough (Live)

18. Just Keep Me Moving (Ultimate Mix)


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