Friday, March 7, 2008

Madonna Remix Service 1

I tried to compile all the "big" remix services that did remixes for Madonna in the early days. It was kinda fun doing the research. I listed as much as information that was available at the time (remixers, year of production etc)

1. Open Your Heart 8:45 (Ultimix 7)
Mix by Les Massengale

2. Like A Prayer 8:40 (Ultimix 28)
Mix by Les Massengale

3. Express Yourself 12:23 (Ultimix 29)
Mix by Les Massengale

4. Keep It Together 7:14 (Ultimix 33)
Mix by Bradley D. Hinkle

5. Vogue 7:46 (Ultimix 34 Vinyl-Unreleased)
Mix by Rob Harvey

6. Justify My Love 7:00 (Ultimix 37)
Mix by Bradley D. Hinkle

7. Rescue Me 9:36 (Ultimix 38)
Mix by Bradley D. Hinkle

8. Madonna Medley 14:12 (Ultimix 41)
Mix by Bradley D. Hinkle
Vogue — Madonna
Open Your Heart — Madonna
Express Yourself — Madonna
Like A Prayer — Madonna
Into The Groove — Madonna
Where's The Party — Madonna
Holiday — Madonna
Borderline — Madonna
Lucky Star — Madonna
Like A Virgin — Madonna
Papa Don't Preach — Madonna
Everybody — Madonna
Dress You Up — Madonna
Material Girl — Madonna
Burnin' Up — Madonna
Justify My Love (XXX) — Madonna


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