Monday, January 27, 2014

Junior Vasquez Does Madonna : KTU Radio

01. Crazy For You (Junior's Arena Club Mix)
02. Like A Prayer (Junior's Let's Go Sound Factory Mix)
03. Erotica / Deeper And Deeper (Junior's Earth Mix)
04. Secret (Junior's Sound Factory Mix)
05. Bedtime Story (Junior's Sound Factory Mix)
06. You'll See / If Madonna Calls (Junior's Tunnel Mix)
07. Human Nature / Up Down Suite (Junior's Arena Mix)
08. I Want You (Junior's Mix)
09. Frozen (Junior's Twilo Mix)
10. The Power Of Good-bye (Junior's Twilo Mix)
11. Ray Of Light / Music (Junior's Time Warp Mix)
12. Die Another Day (Junior's Earth Mix)
13. American Life (Junior's Re-Rub)


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