Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Belinda Carlisle Essential 2 CD Collection

This collection pulls together 45" mixes, CD Edits, DJ Mixes and rare tracks to make a complete Essential Collection. Hope You Enjoy !

Our Lips Are Sealed
We Got The Beat (Single Mix)
Lust To Love (Edit Version)
Get Up And Go
Head Over Heels
Mad About You
I Feel The Magic
Gotta Get To You (Edit Version)
Since You're Gone
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Radio Mix)
I Get Weak (US Single Edit)
Circles In The Sand (Single Version)
I Feel Free (US Single Remix)
Love Never Dies (UK Single Version)
World Without You (Single Remix)
Fool For Love
Leave A Light On (Radio Version)
Summer Rain (Single Version)
La Luna (Radio version)
Runaway Horses (UK Edit)
Vision of Love (Single Mix)

CD 2 Do You Feel Like I Feel (Single Version)
Live Your Life Be Free (Single Version)
Half The World (Single Version)
Little Black Book (Single Version)
I Plead Insanity (Single Version)
Emotional Highway (Edit Version)
Big Scary Animal (Radio Version)
Lay Down Your Arms (Single Version)
Goodbye Day (Radio Edit)
Good Girl
In Too Deep (Radio Edit)
Love In The Key Of C
Kneel At Your Feet
Remember September (Radio Version)
All God's Children
A Prayer For Everyone (Radio Edit)
Stuck In My Car
Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Paul Van Dyk Radio Mix)

Download Cd 1
Download Cd 2

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