Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bette Midler - Essential Collection



101-to deserve you (long edit)
102-love tko
103-is it love
105-he was too good to me (since you stayed here)
106-every road leads back to you
107-my one true friend
108-from a distance
109-hello in there
110-night and day
111-i know this town (radio edit)
112-that's how heartaches are made
113-my mother's eyes (live)
114-my eye on you
115-i think it's gonna rain today
116-in these shoes (single mix)
117-the girl is on to you
118-the rose
119-wind beneath my wings
120-in my life (single mix)

201-to deserve you (arif's radio mix)
202-one more cheer
203-somewhere along theway
204-manhattan (with rod stewart)
205-god help the outcasts
206-it's gonna take a miracle (with manhattan transfer)
207-perfect isn't easy
208-somewhere in my memory
209-up up up
210-sweet and low
211-blueberry pie
213-strike it while it's hot (with dan hicks)
214-moonlight dancing (the club mix)
215-fever (bette's on fire remix)
216-to deserve you (bonzai club mix)
217-Something Your Heart Has Been Telling You

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