Monday, May 19, 2008

Belinda Carlisle Self Titled [Deluxe Fan Edition - Expanded]

Belinda Carlisle's first solo record was a distinct departure from the Go-Go's' energetic, catchy new wave pop. Belinda refashioned herself as an inoffensive mainstream pop singer and the makeover worked commercially, as well as artistically. The pop on Belinda may not be as infectious as the Go-Go's' finest singles, yet it fit in well with the slick formats of mid-'80s radio and managed to be more memorable than many of the mainstream hits of the time, as the ingratiating hit "Mad About You" proves.

1. Mad About You
2. I Need A Disguise
3. Since You've Gone
4. I Feel The Magic
5. I Never Wanted A Rich Man
6. Band Of Gold
7. Gotta Get To You
8. From The Heart
9. Shot In The Dark
10. Stuff And Nonsense
11. Mad About You (Extended Version)
12. Band Of Gold (Extended Mix)
13. Band Of Gold (Dub Mix)
14. Band Of Gold (Single Mix)
15. Mad About You (MTV Live New Years Eve)
16. In My Wildest Dreams (Mannequin Soundtrack)
17. Dancin' In The City (Burglar Soundtrack)


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