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Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses [Deluxe Fan Edition - Expanded]

Carlisle's follow-up to the success of Heaven on Earth was Runaway Horses on October 23, 1989. The album again hit the top five in both Australia and the UK, certified double platinum in Australia and platinum in the UK, but failed to reach similar success in the U.S. The first release, "Leave a Light On" peaked at #11 in the U.S. and became another top five smash in the UK and Australia. The song features a slide guitar solo by George Harrison (see Greatest Hits). The second U.S. single, "Summer Rain" reached #30 in Spring 1990. The song, which Carlisle noted was the most difficult song she had ever sung up to that point, peaked successfully at #6 in Australia where it has maintained popularity, and the tune saw a cover version in 2004 by the Australian group Slinkee Minx. Whereas in the U.S., Carlisle's success was decreasing, her popularity remained big in Europe and Australia. In 1990, further singles from the Runaway Horses album were successful as well, the summer mood influenced "La Luna", a top 20 hit in Germany and Australia, covered by German band Commercial Club Crew, German singer Maroma and Croatian band Magnetic, and the powerful rock hymn "(We Want) the Same Thing", another top 10 hit in the UK.

In the late autumn of 1990, the Go-Go's reunited for a tour to support their greatest hits album Go Go's Greatest, including a new recording of the cover song "Cool Jerk". A notable feature of the tour was an anti-fur campaign, where the band members supported People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization. Later in the year, Carlisle joined with The Smithereens lead singer Pat Dinizio on his group's ballad "Blue Period."

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Disc 1
Leave a Light On
Runaway Horses
Vision of You
Summer Rain
La Luna
(We Want) The Same Thing
Deep Deep Ocean
Whatever it Takes
Shades of Michaelangelo
Leave a Light On (7" Mix)
Runaway Horses (UK Edit)
Vision of You (Single Mix)
Summer Rain (Single Version)
La Luna (Radio Version)
(We Want) The Same Thing (7" Edit)
Blue Period (Co-Vocals With The Smithereens)

Disc 2
Leave a Light On (Extended Version)
Summer Rain (NRG Edit Hot Tracks Mix)
(We Want) The Same Thing (Summer Remix)
La Luna (Hot Tracks Mix)
Leave a Light On (Kamikaze Mix)
Summer Rain (Justin Straus Mix)
La Luna (Beltran Latin Dance Mix)
La Luna (12" Dub)

DL 1
DL 2

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