Thursday, May 22, 2008

Belinda Carlisle Live Your Life Be Free [Deluxe Version - Expanded]

In 1991, Carlisle released her fourth solo album, Live Your Life Be Free. The album marked somewhat of a return to 1960s-influenced music for Carlisle. The single "Do You Feel Like I Feel?" was accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek video inspired by the B-movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. The title track "Live Your Life Be Free" merged 1960s influences with producer Rick Nowel's trademark bombast, and featured a video that emphasized colorful imagery, fashion, and Carlisle's photogenic face. Subsequent releases, "Half the World" and "Little Black Book" were also hits outside the U.S. Although Live your life be free flopped in the U.S., it was a success in Europe (top 10 in the UK), while the title track was a Top 20 hit single in the UK and Australia.

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Live Your Life Be Free
Do You Feel Like I Feel?
Half The World
You Came Out of Nowhere
You're Nothing Without Me
I Plead Insanity
Emotional Highway
Little Black Book
Love Revolution
World of Love
Loneliness Game
Only A Dream
The Air That You Breathe
Bless The Beasts & The Children (Tame Yourself Benefit)

Do You Feel Like I Feel? (Edit Version)
Live Your Life Be Free (Original Intro Version)
I Plead Insanity (Single Version)
Emotional Highway (Edit Version)
Little Black Book (Single Version)
Half The World (Single Version)
Live Your Life Be Free (Single Version)
Do You Feel Like I Feel? (Single Version)
Live Your Life Be Free (MTV Europe Live)
Little Black Book (Belinda's In The House Mix)
Little Black Book (Little Black Mix)
Live Your Life Be Free (Club Mix)
Do You Feel Like I Feel? (Club Mix)

DL 1
DL 2

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