Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Information Society : Remixed

1. Ultimate Megamix 21:14
What’s On Your Mind, Peace & Love Inc.,Where Would I Be Without IBM,
Going, Going, Gone, Running, Lay All Your Love On Me, How Long, Think
Walking Away

2. Hard Disc Medley 9:38

3. What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Discotech) 7:40

4. Peace, & Love Inc.(Passion Mix) 5:50

5. Lay All Your Love On Me(Phil Harding Metal Mix) 6:25

6. To The City 3:32

7. Strength 5:09

8. Think (Phone Phreak Mix) 6:24

9. Going, Going, Gone (Mindwarp Mix) 6:35

10. Running (Disco Mix) 3:51

11. Whats On Your Mind (2001 Club Edit) 3:51

Remember to credit us if you want to use this on your blog. I don't mind you using my links but please give credit if you do. :)
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