Sunday, March 23, 2014

Art Of Mix Art Of Compilation CD 7

01 Device What Is Sadness
Big Boy Mix by Steve Smith 7:05 100 BPM
02 Shannon Let The Music Play
90's Play Mix by James Lee (Pop Mix) 6:40 116 BPM

03 Black Box Strike It Up
Bassline Mix by Betty West 6:44 120 BPM

04 KLF What Time Is Love
The Cease Fire Mix by James Lee 6:23 120 BPM

05 Eurythmics Love Is A Stranger
Stranger Days Mix by Peter Fenton & Steve Smith 6:31 124 BPM

06 Apex Desert Sunday
Think Digital Mix by Steve Smith 7:54 124 BPM

07 The Motorcycle Boy Here She Comes
Digi-Boy Mix by John M. Pillin Jr. & Steve Smith 6:51 128 BPM

08 Pet Shop Boys Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend
Indictment Mix by Peter Fenton 6:55 127 BPM

09 Dead Or Alive Your Sweetness (Is My Weakness)
Silver Bullet Mix by Peter Fenton 8:10 124 BPM

10 KMFDM Naive
Secret World Mix by Steve Smith 6:31 124 BPM

11 EMF Unbelievable
Digital Wave Mix by Steve Smith 5:50 104 BPM

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