Sunday, March 23, 2014

Art Of Mix Art Of Compilation CD 4

01 Madonna Vogue
Club St. John Mix by Steve Smith 7:46 116 BPM

02 Debbie Harry Sweet And Low
Cha Cha Cha Mix by James Lee (Pop Mix) 7:02 124 BPM

03 Eurythmics Cabimix
Medley by Peter Fenton 13:30 126 BPM

04 Electronic Getting Away With It
Raindance Mix by Peter Fenton & Steve Smith 6:42 126 BPM

05 Anything Box Living In Oblivion
Live To Learn Mix by Steve Smith 7:35 124 BPM

06 The Cure Lullaby
Dreamstate Mix by John M. Pillin Jr. 7:10 96 BPM

07 Hubert Kah The Picture
Renegade Ripple Mix by Steve Smith 5:07 115 BPM

08 Adam Ant Room At The Top
21st Century Mix by Darrin Stevens 7:30 120 BPM

09 Duran Duran A View To A Kill
Scenic Mix by Peter Fenton 7:00 128 BPM

ad10 Westworld Painkiller
Anesthesiologist Mix by Darrin Stevens 5:07 132 BPM

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