Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gloria Estefan Remixed & Rare

1. Mega Megamix 22:29
Dr.Beat-Conga-Rhythm Is Gonna Get You-I’m Not Giving You Up-You’ll Be Mine
(Party Time)-Rhythm Is Gonna Get You-1,2,3,-Get On Your Feet-Everlasting Love
Turn The Beat Around

2. 70’s Moment Megamix 16:14
I Thought It Took A Little Time-If I Can’t Have You-This Time Baby-Don’t Leave
Me This Way-Never Can Say Goodbye-Don’t Let Tis Moment End

3. Gloria’s Hitmix 10:31
I’m Not Giving You Up-Reach-You’ll Be Mine (Party Time)-Mi Tierra-Live For
Loving You-Tres Desoes-Everlasting Love-Turn The Beat Around

4. Heaven’s What I Feel (Victor Caldarone Mix ) 8:32

5. Minimix 5:18
Dr.Beat-Conga-Rhythm Is Gonna Get You-,1,2,3-Get On Your Feet

6 . Oye (Rosabel’s Cubarican Club Mix) 9:55

7. Ballad Medley 7:19
Cuts Both Ways-I See Your Smile-Words Get In The Way-Can’t Stay Away From You


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