Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dead or Alive 88-99

For those who love love love Pete Burns (and you know who you are !)

1. Pop Life (1999)
2. Even Better Than the Real Thing (1999)
3. Why Is It So Hard (1999)
4. International Thing (Nu-NRG 12" Remix)(1997)
5. You Spin Me Round '96 (400hz Kleopatra Remix)(1997)
6. Sex Drive (Scream Driven Mix) (1997)
7. Rebel Rebel (The Hole Mix) (1994)
8. The Right Stuff (Kate Pierson Mix)(1994)
9. Unhappy Birthday (Ninja Billy Remix)(1990)
10. Stop Kickin' My Heart Around (Discotech Remix) (1989)
11. Come Home With Me Baby (12" Remix) (1989)
12. Partially Nude Megamix (1989)
13. Love Toy (1988)


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